Monday, December 29, 2008

Visiting Santa & The Zoolight Safari

Over the Christmas holidays, we took the kids to see Santa at the Galleria. To our surprise, Abby Grace was slightly reluctant to sit on his lap at first but then got over it after Caleb had a seat. I think that the two girls in front of us worried Abby Grace a little bit because they weren't real interested in sitting in his lap either. But Abby Grace did tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas--a house, ball, and presents! That night we went to the Birmingham Zoo for the Zoolight Safari with the Butlers. Abby Grace loved the train ride and carousel, and Caleb just slept through all of it!

A Little Update on Caleb & Abby Grace

Okay, so life with two makes it a little difficult to find time to blog! So, needless to say, I am a little behind on things. Anyway, we are enjoying Caleb very much. It's hard to believe that he is already 7 weeks old! He's a pretty good baby that loves to be held! I am still nursing and boy, does this little guy love to eat! He eats about every 2 hours during the day which sounds like a lot but the good thing is that he eats in no more than 10 minutes flat. Sometimes even less than that... I think he is a snacker! However, he seems to like to take 1 long nap during the day and will go a lot longer without eating then. At night, he's gone about 4-5 hours at the most without eating. So we are getting closer to a full night's rest! It's not so bad though. He has also started developing some personality. He probably started smiling at us at about 5 weeks and now smiles all the time. He loves his Baby Einstein play mat and will laugh at the star that lights up. He also loves for anyone to talk to him and play games with him like patty cake. We have noticed since day 1 that he is a very strong boy because he has always been very good at holding his head up and putting all his weight on his legs to stand up. Abby Grace is still loving him very much and calls him her baby. She loves to kiss on him, play with him, hold him; you name it! Thus, we have been pretty lucky so far with the sibling relationship. We are also very glad to say now that Abby Grace has given up her paci! She put it in her stocking a few nights before Christmas for Clifford (our Elf on the Shelf) to take to Santa in hopes of getting more presents. She asked for it over the next few days, but we just tried to get her mind off it. And now she just says she wants her bunny, blanky, and milk (and sometimes she will say "and something else"). Now, we just need her to learn how to use the potty! Oh, the joys of parenthood!!!