Friday, March 20, 2009

Caleb & Abby Grace Update

Caleb had his 4 month checkup on March 4, and he is doing really well! He weighs 16 lbs and is 26 inches long--no wonder he is outgrowing his clothes so fast! He still continues to roll over from his back to his stomach but hasn't gone from his stomach to back yet. He loves to hold toys and put them directly in his mouth, and he absolutely LOVES Baby Einstein movies. Abby Grace didn't really like them that much when she was a baby, but he will watch them all the time! I think Abby Grace likes them better now than she did then! Anyway, we got out the exersaucer a few days ago and that was definitely a big hit, with both of them! Abby Grace just loves playing with him; it really is sweet! She loves for him to sit in his Bumbo seat and play with his toys with him, and he just loves her! He will cackle out loud at about everything she does--it is just precious! On another note, Caleb is still not sleeping through the night; in fact, he really doesn't sleep that much period, so you would think that he would be cranky all the time. However, he really is a happy baby but going to bed can be a little difficult. So, we are working on getting better naps throughout the day to help his nights and have finally moved him upstairs to his crib. I don't know why it was so difficult for me to do that, but it was! We are hoping this will help him sleep. Caleb tried cereal for the first time the other day too, and I think he is beginning to get a little used to it. Abby Grace was so excited about his first feeding! Anyway, with your second, it's so difficult to keep up with all these firsts! I will try to post some pics of these events soon!

As for Abby Grace, she is something else! She is growing up on us for sure and is really wanting to seem big. She's almost going to the potty all the time on her own even in public places. We are really proud of her! She's really into the Disney princesses right now, especially the Little Mermaid and has begun to take an interest in dressing up! However, take her to a store and ask her to try something on, you would think the world had ended! She also really loves trains, especially Thomas, and will play with her train set all the time. Some of her other favorite things to do include blowing bubbles, playing with her kitchen and dollhouse, and doing any kid of arts & crafts project. Abby Grace is definitely the talker and cracks us up all the time with her comments and vocabulary, and then she will just out of the blue say the sweetests things too!

Anyway, life with these two is definitely busy, but such a blessing! New pictures to come!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


What a fun day!!! Who would have guessed that we would have spent our first day of March in the snow! I woke up early to feed Caleb and opened the blinds to see the snow coming down. About this time, Abby Grace was making her way down the stairs, and I told her to look out the window. She got so excited and was immediately ready to go outside. However, there really wasn't much snow on the ground yet, plus Brian was on call (he was on call the last time it snowed too). Anyway, we waited to see if it would accumulate anymore, meanwhile I am paging/texting Brian to see when he would be coming home. Then I decided I better take Abby Grace out soon because it seemed that the snow had stopped. However, by the time we got dressed, the snow was pouring down again. We were so excited and began making a snowman right away. Then, Caleb (who was inside) started to get upset, so we had to halt our snowman making for a bit. Abby Grace stayed outside; she was loving every minute of it! Luckily, Brian finally made it home, and the grandparents joined us too. We were able to finish our snowman and call it a day as the sun began to come out.

Caleb's Dedication

Caleb was dedicated at Hunter Street Baptist Church on February 22, 2009. Since Hunter Street is so large, there are usually about 15 children dedicated at each service. One of the pictures below shows us all on stage as Caleb is being introduced. His name means "faithful," and his Bible verse is 1 Samuel 22:14- "Only fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you."

After the service, some of our family met at Johnny Carino's for lunch and cake afterwards. It was a fun time, and Caleb ended up sleeping through most of it; however, he was wide awake while he was on stage! We just feel so blessed to have Caleb in our lives!