Friday, June 5, 2009

Abby Grace's 3rd Birthday Party

Abby Grace's 3rd Birthday Party was held at the Oak Mountain Petting Farm, and we really had a great time! The weather was absolutely beautiful, and Abby Grace was very excited about playing with all the animals. We are thankful for all of our family and friends that were able to celebrate with us. Mrs. Anna, Abby Grace's MDO teacher, was also able to come, which thrilled Abby Grace, and she also made the beautiful barn cake and cupcakes. And yes, the cake was as good as it looks! We just were just so excited about how cute it was! Anyway, we had a wonderful time!

This was one of those rare moments, where Abby Grace just came up to me at the party out of the blue and gave me a big hug, and somehow, my brother-in-law, J., got it on camera! Anyway, I just love it!

Memorial Day Weekend

On Memorial Day Weekend, I headed to the lake with the kids while Brian worked his last full night of call as a resident. Then he joined us on Sunday. These are just some pics from our little trip....
The weather wasn't that great; it rained, and then when it wasn't raining, it was kind of chilly. However, that didn't stop Abby Grace from getting in the water! She is having a great time in the picture below but hiding the fact that she is actually freezing! Somehow, though, she managed to get her daddy in the water with her!
Caleb had fun at the lake too! He had just starting sitting alone that week; this has opened a whole new world of playing for him!

Abby Grace's birthday actually fell on Memorial Day this year. So we had a Mermaid cake for her, and she was thrilled! She opened up her presents from us and the grandparents; some of the highlights included a Thomas tent, trains, Mermaid bubbles, books, puzzles, basketball goal, etc. It's find of funny, but Abby Grace LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine! Anyway, she enjoyed all of her presents. Shhhhhh! Don't tell, but Abby Grace is going to get a swing set for her main birthday present, but she's not getting it until we move to Charleston. Abby Grace will also get to celebrate her birthday one more time at the Oak Mountain Petting Farm; I'll post pictures of this soon. Anyway, it's hard for us to believe that our little girl is already three!