Sunday, May 16, 2010

Abby Grace's Dance Recital

On Sunday, May 16, Abby Grace performed in her first dance recital at West Ashley High School. Her class was the youngest in the show, and they performed a tap dance to "Animal Crackers." This was a great achievement for Abby Grace because at the parent watch at the first part of the year, Abby Grace did not want to dance, and then she cried at the picture shoot in the early spring. However, over the past few weeks, she has gotten very excited about the recital, and when she danced this past weekend, it showed! She never stopped smiling while she was dancing unless she was singing the song! At the end of the show, the girls "danced" across the stage one by one to receive their medal. She was so proud! As a special treat, she also received a "Princess and the Frog" balloon and flowers from her mommy and daddy. We were very proud of her! She, at the age of 3, danced in front of an auditorium of over 400 people! Wow! Anyway, she had a great time and says she wants to take dance again next year! Check out my facebook page for more pictures.


Very proud of her medal!
Shakin' it!

Abby Grace's Gymnastic Gymboree

On Saturday, May 15, Abby Grace performed in her end of the year gymnastics gymboree with Charleston Mobile Gymnastics. This whole past year, she has taken gymnastics as a class that meets right after school every Wed. afternoon. Abby Grace has been learning lots of tricks, and at the show, she was able to demonstrate some of them. She actually had to perform with a different group because her school's show conflicted with her birthday party. However, Abby Grace did not seem to mind at all and just jumped right in to participate. At the conclusion of the show, Abby Grace was proud to receive her first trophy!

AGB's teacher, Mr. Charlie