Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Callaway Gardens

On October 9, 10, & 11, we headed to Pine Mountain, Georgia for the Gettys's annual trip to Callaway Gardens. Brian took Friday off so we were able to make it in time to do the Wildlife Safari. Basically, you ride in this ridiculously old van through the "jungle" in search of animals. However, the animals are not difficult to spot because they come right up to your van because they have already know that humans=food. The kids thought that the ride was hilarious because their Daddy and Granddaddy were constantly fighting off animals that peaked their heads through the window. Some of the animals they saw included various cattle, zebras, pigs, giraffes, ostrich, bulls, sheep, peacocks, lions, and tigers (don't worry, they weren't able to roam freely). Anyway, it was fun and I would highly recommend it!

After the safari, we joined everyone for dinner and headed to the luxurious FDR State Park for our weekend stay. On Saturday we did Callaway Gardens and attempted the bike thing. I was pretty nervous about riding with Caleb on my bike, and he must have been nervous too because he basically cried the whole time! (Actually, he was just mad b/c his helmet kept falling down). Needless to say, biking became short lived! We had fun though doing all the park stuff, the picnic, and of course football. On Sunday, we eat lunch at one of my favorite restaurants of all time, the Bullock House, in Warm Springs, GA, and then shop around. It was great seeing the family and look forward to it again next year!

Some of the cousins: Caleb, Mason, Chrisavi, Abby Grace, Nolen, Carianne, Kayla
AGB at the Callaway Gardens Butterfly House

Enjoying the lawn (too much!) at the Sibley Center

You can tell they are related!

Some of the girl cousins: Chrisavi, Abby Grace, Carianne, Kayla

AGB & Carianne

The family football game at Callaway beach
The scenic overlook at the Country Store
All of the remaining pictures are from our trip to the Wildlife Safari.
I didn't realize at the time that my camera was on a black & white setting.

The expressions are priceless!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Caleb Pics

I had a little photo session with Caleb about 2 weeks ago in an attempt to get a picture for his birthday invitation. I can't believe he is about to be one! Anyway, here are some of the results from my photo shoot. He really was more interested in eating the grass and playing with the football than sitting still for a photo.

Is that a football face or what?

Not walking yet, only standing.

Touchdown Auburn!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We headed to the Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch 2 weeks ago and had lots of fun... however, the kids were worn out before we even got a chance to pick out a pumpkin, well Caleb was at least (see last picture below)! There were lots of activities for the kids including a jumping pillow, inflatibles, swings, play equipment, farm animals, and a hay ride. All of this was just perfect for Abby Grace, and you could tell she had a good time just by looking at how dirty she was at the end of the day! We did manage to pick out our pumpkin; I think it was the first one we saw (by that point, we were just too tired to think too much about finding the perfect pumpkin). Anyway, it was a great afternoon!

Caleb says, let's just get it and go!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Trip Home: Final Stop--the Lake & Auburn Again!

We headed to the lakehouse on Thursday afternoon and ate at one of our favorite places, Niffers on the Lake. On Friday, we shopped around in Auburn and ate at our other favorite place, Laredo's. We were hoping for a "no rain" Saturday, but unfortunately, it rained most of the day. In fact, we had to hang out in the student union with the kids b/c of severe weather. This time we had planned on taking them to the game. We did make it and were happy that they got to see the pregame stuff, including the eagle flying. Then, the rains came. Abby Grace was sitting with her Grammy and Granddaddy, and we had Caleb. He sat under my poncho for the longest time with just his head sticking out. I think he was mesmorized by it all. Then, as he started getting more fidgety, we started getting more wet and decided watching it at Karen and Tim's house sounded like a plan. And that's what we did. We headed back home on Sunday (after lunch at Momma G's). We had a great time but were also ready to get back to Charleston to our normal routine (I mean, we were only gone for 9 days!).

I had to include this last picture... this was at one of our pit stops, and I guess Caleb decided he needed to take over!

Our Trip Home: 2nd Stop--Birmingham & the Zoo

The Tiger Pictures...

What are we looking at so intently?
Grrr! The Tiger Face!
AGB's Favorite--the Train

Mom, I want to see the sea lions too!

On Sunday, we drove back to Birmingham and stayed with my parents until Thursday. In that time, we had lots of catching up to do with family and friends! On Sunday we went to Lloyds to eat dinner with Brian's family, and then we ate at Petrucelli's with my family on Monday night. And of course, you know me, I had to squeeze some shopping in between! We visited with many of our friends and enjoyed our time home; however, we didn't realize how much it would rain! On Wednesday, we finally managed to catch a break and headed to one of Abby Grace's favorite places, the zoo! My parents and Susan were able to go too, which made it even more fun for the kids!

Our Trip Home: 1st stop--the Plains

Our Little Tailgaters

Brian had a vacation week beginning September 16, and of course, our first stop, the Plains! I can't tell you how good it felt to see the "welcome to Alabama" signs on our drive into Auburn. However, we didn't realize the soaking we would soon experience at the football game the next night! Before the rains hit, we had a wonderful Saturday of tailgating with family and friends. The kids had a great time, but luckily, we had made plans for them to stay with my parents at Karen & Tim's house (that was a very smart decision). So Brian and I happily set off for the Auburn vs. West Virginia game (with poncho in hand), and to our dismay, sheets of rain began to fall soon after we settled into our section. The game was delayed and everyone was asked to evacuate, which was quite chaotic! We stood in the concourse for almost an hour with about every other fan in Jordan Hare--what fun! However, it was worth it because it finally stopped raining, and we were able to enjoy the game and come out with a win! War Eagle!