Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AU Football Season Begins!

College football season is finally here, and we're already 3-0 (by the skin of our teeth, anyway)! That's okay, a win's a win, and I am proud of our team! It's definitely been a fun season so far! So anyway, we headed to the plains Labor Day weekend (Friday night) and stopped at the lake first. Granddaddy Carl had actually been in Charleston for business, and Abby Grace flew back to Birmingham with him on the Thursday before. She was so excited and had a great time on the airplane! I think Caleb was a little confused not having his sister around and also thought at first that he was going to be going on the airplane too. So with Abby Grace in Birmingham, we headed to the lake, just the 3 of us, late that Friday night. We spent Saturday with the Johnsons and then headed to campus to tailgate. It was so great getting to see family and friends that we had not seen in a while (plus, eating tailgate food too!) Then, it was time to head to the game. We decided to take the kids and were surpised to find that there weren't many tickets for sale. We managed to get the 4 of us in with 3 tickets somehow, and the kids' excitement began! Well, Caleb was all about it; Abby Grace thought it was too loud, and it took her a little while to warm up to it. We did stay for 3 quarters and then left to watch the rest of the game at the tailgate. Then, we spent time at the lake on Sunday, and my parents came down to see the kids. Then came the, as Abby Grace would say, "it's a long trip" back to Charleston (only to head back again in less than two weeks for the Auburn/Clemson game). I told you September has been a whirlwind! Especially, since our next day back was the kids' first day of school! Pictures to come!

For some reason, I only have one picture of Abby Grace from the tailgate. I think it's because Caleb was having so much fun playing football that I ended up taking more pictures of him. He also had lots of fun with his granddaddy too, which you can tell from the pictures!

The End of Summer

Well, fall is in the air now... at least sometimes, when it's not 90 degrees outside and when the weather decides to tease us with its crisp, fall breeze! So I realized that I have not finished posting some pics from the summer; mainly because September has been a whirlwind! Anyway, most of these pictures are from August. The first two are of Caleb pretending to be a fireman. One day he was just playing, and then he came out of the playroom, running around with his fireman hat on. It's was pretty cute; I will have to admit! I managed to get him to stay still long enough for a few pics. Notice too that he just had a haircut. The next pictures are of one of our last days at the pool (sad--I am not sure if we will be swimming again or not and can't decide if that's good or bad). Abby Grace is swimming on her own, at least about 10 feet in length anyway. We are proud of her and hope that she doesn't lose her skill during the off season. Caleb has also come a long way in the water and can swim all over the place with his ring; he loves it! The next pictures are of the kids after church one Sunday, and I just decided to get the camera out to see if I could get a few fun pictures. The last picture is of the kids at the Brunson's lakehouse after Labor Day weekend. I'll post some pics from the Auburn game that weekend too. Enjoy!