Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow in Charleston!!!

Snow in Charleston!!! I can't believe it! I never would have thought that when we moved to Charleston that we would get to play in the snow! It has been almost 20 years since Charleston has seen a snow like this! I mean, imagine, snow-covered palm trees; it's quite a sight actually! Anyway, the snow began around 7 p.m. and continued throughout the night. Before we went to bed, everything was white! Abby Grace was so excited! She came running into our room when she woke up wanting to go outside. Unfortunately, Brian was already up because he had to go to work, but luckily, he had about 20 minutes to play with us before he had to leave. When we went outside, the kids went right to playing! Caleb didn't seem to mind the snow at all; in fact, he sat in it most of the time. I was impressed that he did not seem bothered by his hat or mittens at all. We managed to build a snowman and throw a few snowballs, and then Daddy was off to work. :( After a quick breakfast with the kids, we headed to our backyard to play a little more. The kids probably lasted about 20 more minutes, and then it was back inside to be warm!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Patriot's Point

On January 23, we took advantage of the "Be a Tourist in Your Own Town" pass and headed to Patriot's Point, which includes the U.S.S. Yorktown, the National Medal of Honor Musuem, etc. The weather was not exactly ideal; it was very chilly, especially with the ocean breeze. However, the kids had fun. Caleb liked the airplanes (he's really into pointing to the sky and talking about airplanes when they fly overhead), and Abby Grace just liked being able to run around.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally, A Warm Day!

These are some pictures I took of the kids on Jan 18 (I am just a little late posting)--we decided to take advantage of the warm weather and play in our backyard! Of course, the Charleston forecast this week=cold! :(

As a little update, we spent the month of January battling coughs, viruses, colds, and an earache! It seems that most of us are getting better now, thank goodness! The kids are doing well. Abby Grace seems more like a 4 year old every day. She's so funny because she can be so girly and then, she has her "boyish" interests. In fact, she has been complaining after I pick her up from school that the boys don't like for her to play trains with them because she's a girl and shouldn't like trains. Apparently, she's one of the only girls in her class that likes trains... and she now has a new fascination with dinosaurs. However, she is also very into Snow White right now and asks about a million questions about the evil queen, the apple, and about everything else in the movie.

Caleb is turning into a little boy and talking and walking up a storm! Some of his favorite words right now are daddy, Dora, ball, dog, what's that, Au"burn" (he only can say part), Barney, shoe, ba-ba (for bottle), and the list goes on... It's amazing how much he understands from what you say to him too. He has started mother's day out; he is doing really well but cries for less than 5 min after I leave him. After that, he has lots of fun! Caleb also has a very sweet nature... he has been known to go up to strangers and hug them. He also likes to tell people that pass by him, "hey." He and Abby Grace get along pretty well until they start yelling at each other or when Caleb tears up Abby Grace's train or whatever toy she's playing with. Other than that, they do pretty well. Caleb has his 15 month check up tomorrow, so info on that to come; plus, pictures from Patriot Point, my birthday, and the aquarium as well.