Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Sweetest Things

Kids can say the darnest things, but today, our kids decided to say the sweetest things! First of all, Caleb has just become the little talker, and you never know what he is going to say next. However, he has become the most polite little thing ever! For example, he was trying to play with Abby Grace's stamps today, and she kept taking them away. She finally decided to give him one, and he said, "Tank you, Abby Grace," and it was just the sweetest thing! Then, he was at the pool yesterday, and a little boy started playing with the ball Caleb was playing with. He took it and threw it away. Caleb cried, saying, "Share!" He also says the same thing when Abby Grace takes toys from him. But it was tonight when he really melted my heart... I read him his 3 books as usual before bed, and he said, "Mommy, say prayers." Wow! We had just started praying with him over the last week, and he has seen Abby Grace say her prayers, but I didn't realize that it was important to him too yet! We've also been working on getting rid of the bottle, and it hasn't really been going the greatest. So I decided yesterday that "ba ba" was going to go "bye-bye!" He asked/cried for it a little, but I kept telling him that "ba ba" had gone bye-bye because Caleb is a big boy now and that we had given it to the babies. He actually seemed okay with that. He still asks for it, but for the time being, seems to be content with the sippy cup. We'll see!

Abby Grace has also been melting our hearts too, especially her daddy's tonight! He was putting her to bed and was about to leave the room, when she said, "Daddy, come here, I have one more thing I need to tell you... I love you, Daddy." What a great, unexpected father's day gift! She has also been saying "I love you, Mommy" to me just out of the blue, and it's just so sweet! Now realize, she can also get on our last nerve, especially when she is tired, but her sweetness definitely wins out! We've also been amazed at how much she is talking about Jesus and what she has learned from VBS last week. She really seems to be understanding much of the Christian faith and tells us that she already believes in Jesus.

Anyway, I just had to post about their cute comments and just say I feel trully blessed to have two wonderful children! Also, Happy Father's Day, Daddy! You're the greatest!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Abby Grace's Birthday Times Two!

Abby Grace's actual birthday is on May 25, and at school, she was able to share cupcakes and ice cream with her friends. She was actually the third birthday in 3 days that was celebrated in her class because 2 other boys in her class also turned 4 right around the same time. So let's just say that I know of ten 4 yr olds that were on a sugar high for the last week of school! Later that night, we took Abby Grace and Caleb to Chucky Cheese's for some fun and then she opened her presents from us and Caleb. I will have to say that Abby Grace had a pretty good birthday! And she wasn't even done yet; she had one more party with family when we headed to Birmingham later that week!

Abby Grace is wearing the special birthday hat that Mrs. Cauthen makes for her students when it is their birthday.

Caleb felt like a "big boy" because he had his own seat at the party!

Abby Grace's class at school celebrating her birthday.

Having fun at Chucky Cheese's!
Another cupcake at home! (It was left from the party earlier that day--we couldn't resist one more chance to blow out candles!)

Excited to open presents from us and Caleb!

Her big surprise: Cinderella's castle from Walt Disney World!

Abby Grace's Pool Party

Abby Grace celebrated her 4th birthday party with friends on May 22 at our neighborhood pool. I was a little worried at first about getting it all set up since we didn't have any family in town to help, but it all came together! I managed to pick up the cake and balloons and set it all up before everyone arrived, but I was definitely running around like a chicken with its head cut off! Brian was in charge of keeping the kids entertained while I worked. Anyway, Abby Grace was thrilled with her Mermaid party and cake... the cake was really cool b/c it was cupcakes that could be pulled apart, and it came from Publix. I will have to say, this made serving cake to 4 yr olds a breeze! We also ordered pizza and had chips and goldfish served in buckets for snacks. The kids were definitely hungry after having a good time swimming in the pool, and I will have to admit that we have the perfect pavilion for entertaining. Caleb had a grand time too, especially when it was time to eat! First, he has to have a whole piece of pizza, then he eats the cheese, and then the bread. He has also mastered the spoon and is proud to be able to eat his own ice cream and cake. Now, I didn't say he doesn't make a mess, but at least he was happy and confined to his chair for 30 minutes while we did the birthday thing! Abby Grace had lots of fun and was really glad that her friends were able to come and celebrate with her!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer's Here!

There is nothing like living in Charleston when it's summertime! School has been out for 2+ weeks, and we have been nothing but bored! After school was out, we actually headed back to Lake Martin and Birmingham for a great week of visiting with our family and friends, plus we celebrated Abby Grace's 4th birthday. Despite the fact that Caleb and I got strep throat, we still had a great time! And I will have to say, there is no place like home!
Since we have gotten back though, we have hit the pool, parks, and beach, and it has only been about 3 days. Plus, Abby Grace has begun swimming lessons, and her teacher tells me that she's pretty advanced. That doesn't surprise us too much because Abby Grace is a fish that could swim in the water all day long if we let her! Now, Caleb, he is not as crazy about the water as Abby Grace is, but boy is he growing like a weed! He can really say about anything and is just as cute as can be when he talks. Now, if we could just get him off his bottle! I have just posted a few pictures of the kids playing and will post birthday pics soon.

Abby Grace playing in the rain

Our little fish

Caleb loves to blow bubbles and play outside