Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sweet Caleb

These are just some sweet pics I have taken of Caleb over the last few weeks. He really is developing his own personality these days. He smiles all the time and can laugh out loud too. It's so cute! I am not really sure what schedule we are on because it seems like we are always running around all the time, but he seems to go with it. He slept 7 hours last night without any feedings! This is the longest he has gone yet! Yeah Caleb! He definitely is a mommy's boy and loves for mommy to hold him to sleep. Abby Grace still loves her brother very much and loves on him all the time. She will often give him her blanket/bunny and will run get him diapers or burp cloths whenever he needs them. She says she is the best big sister and helper!

The glow worm--I will have to say this was a great Santa present! He loves it! It has helped him go to sleep several times! I couldn't believe that it would actually work, but it does!

Caleb also loves his Baby Einstein mat very much as you can see from his smile.

Abby Grace's 1st Haircut!

Well, I finally did it! Abby Grace has her first haircut about 2 weeks ago--I mean she's only 2 1/2! I guess it was about time! We just got a little trim to clean things up a bit. Brian's cousin-in-law, Laura, cut it at AURA Spa. Abby Grace did really well. I think she liked it! And I did take the keepsake box to save her first lock of hair in. She really is growing up on us now!

Auburn Basketball

We took the kids to the Auburn/Tulane basketball game a few weeks ago and had a great time with Karen, Tim, and Luke. This was Caleb's first visit to Auburn and first athletic event. He seemed to like it as he took in all the sights and then he fell asleep during the game! Abby Grace had lots of fun too! She especially loves the band, cheerleaders, and of course, Aubie! She had even more fun when Kelly and Jake Dorough came over to visit with us as we watched the game.

Our Charleston Lot

Brian and I traveled to Charleston last weekend and picked out our lot in Carolina Bay (West Ashley). In case you haven't heard, we are moving to Charleston in June for Brian's GI Fellowship at MUSC. We will actually be there for three years! Anyway, here is the lot! Pretty exciting, huh? It has a lot of potential though, and we actually have our own trees in our back yard. We are pretty excited about that. However, we still have to sell our house here, which actually just went on the market today! So as long as we sell our house, this will be our new home.
The picture below shows an example of what our house is going to look like after it's built.

We are really excited about having a screened in porch!
And one of the best parts is that the kids will have a pool and playground within walking distance from our house. Abby Grace will love that it has sprinklers!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Christmas

We had a very good Christmas and felt blessed that we were able to spend time with all of our family. It was a little hectic being that we had many places to go but luckily it was spread out over a few days since most of Brian's family gathers together before Christmas day. So we headed to the Tippens on the Sunday before Christmas to spend with Susan's family. One of the pictures below shows Abby Grace with her 2nd cousins. This was the first time this year for Abby Grace to open Christmas presents, but she was really more interested in playing with the dogs they had. We finally got her into opening her presents, but then she was right back to playing with the dogs!

Then on Christmas Eve, we headed to Ross Bridge, Tempie's house, to celebrate with Carl's side of the family. We played Dirty Santa, and it really was a lot of fun! Abby Grace cracked us all up after she opened her gift from Grandma and said, "I already have this at my house!" (It was an Auburn board book) Anyway, we ended up staying there later so the kiddies didn't get to bed as early as they needed to. You know, we had to put out milk and cookies for Santa and sprinkle reindeer food in the yard. However, we finally got everyone to bed so that we could do our elf work and for mommy to finish wrapping presents! This is something that I usually do earlier but having Caleb has made that a little more difficult. I have been used to doing stuff after Abby Grace goes to bed but Caleb has decided that he is going to be a little more demanding then! So needless to say, I was wrapping presents to 2 AM! Luckily, Abby Grace slept the next day until 8:45 and we began all the fun of Christmas! Three of the pictures below show Abby Grace and many of her presents. Her main Santa gifts were a dollhouse, cradle (which my dad made for me when I was little--we told her that Santa got it from my dad so that he would have something to put her new baby in), baby, and high chair. She also got a ball, which was very important because she kept saying that Santa was going to bring her a dollhouse and ball (she actually said a Barney ball but Santa couldn't make that kind this year!) I know I haven't said too much about Caleb, but he got presents too. His main Santa gift was a rocking Giraffe and some other little baby toys. He really spent most of the day doing what he usually does, sleeping and eating!!! However, he managed a few smiles and was really good the entire day (what could be bad about having so many different people to hold him all day!)

Then we headed to Carl and Susan's for lunch and Christmas with them. Somehow we even managed for Abby Grace to take a nap and then we headed to my house, which Brian says is kind of like watching Christmas Vacation. Hey, we have a lot of people, so it is bound to get crazy! We were all exhausted by this point but still had a good time and definitely enjoyed being able to be lazy all day on Friday!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Christmas Babies

These were some of the pictures I took for our Christmas card this year. I had fun playing photographer, and amazingly, the kids were pretty good too!